10 things you MUST add to your Resumé

Have you ever wondered what needs to be added to your current resumé? Well in this part two article, here are sharing of my top resumé tips.   If you are an active job seeker, writing your resumé can be daunting and cumbersome. At the first point of contact, your resumé must be noticed and it has to communicate who you are, what you can do and how you achieved this in the past.

I am sure you have read various articles and websites that give free advice and tips on what to include in your resumé. How do you know what to believe? As a triple certified Advanced Resumé Writer with international accreditations, 80% of my business is writing professional resumés. You have come to the right place to learn about what needs to be added into a resumé. A well designed and formatted resumé with keywords, a splash of colour and clear achievements will give you an advantage. Here are my top 10 tips on what you must add into your resumé right now:

Top 10 tips

    1. Formatting your document with 1.5cm margins and in an A4 page layout (not Letter). Also, ensure that you set your language to ENGLISH, AUS – not ENGLISH US.
    2. Use a modern font such as Calibri (10.5 size), Century Gothic (11 size) or Corbel (11 size). Other fonts include Book Antiqua, Arial and Palatino Linotype.
    3. Bold your name and use 18 or 20 font so it pops out and it’s the first thing a recruiter or hiring manager will read. Don’t forget to add in your mobile phone number and email address.
    4. Include clear sub-headers, also in the same style font. These can include Profile Summary, Education, Employment History, Professional Training and Volunteer Work
    5. A profile summary can be up to 6-8 sentences in length. These will give a reader a snapshot of your experience, knowledge, notable strengths, top transferrable skills and the type of role you are seeking.
    6. Key skills or areas of expertise must be added in the top half of the first page and underneath your profile paragraphs. These are skills that people might endorse you for, what you are known for and which you are professionally good at.
    7. Neutral sentences that do not start with “I”. These can include keywords such as Ability to, Experienced with, Highly skilled at, Regarded as, Demonstrated capabilities include, or, Strengths encompass.
    8. Add colour! The top three are blue, dark green or maroon. They can be inserted as a border, used in the font colours for headings or the dot points.
    9. Write three verifiable work accomplishments from your current employment that demonstrates your value. These can include performance measures, demonstrated outcomes or KPIs that are set as targets at your work.
    10. Insert a footer that lists the page number and your name. For example the footer tag of would read Page 1 | Confidential Resumé for Amanda Smith”


Finally, tip 11 – proofread for spelling, punctuation and grammar. A resumé must be 100% word perfect in structure and spelling.

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