The 10 things you need to REMOVE from your Resumé

Have you ever wondered if there is something in your current resumé that needs to be REMOVED? Well look no further; I am sharing my top tips in this blog!

If you are an active job seeker, writing your resumé can be daunting and cumbersome. At the first point of contact, your resumé must be noticed and it has to communicate who you are, what you can do and how you achieved this in the past.

I am sure you have read various articles and websites that give free advice and tips on what to include in your resumé. How do you know what to believe? As a triple certified Advanced Resumé Writer with international accreditations, 80% of my business is writing professional resumés.  You have come to the right place to learn about some important resumé writing facts.  This is your first step. My next blog will then highlight what needs to be INCLUDED. With a poorly designed and formatted resumé, you are at a distinct disadvantage.

Top tips on what you need to remove from resumé NOW:

  1. Any photos of yourself. This is only used for social media channels.
  2. Date of Birth and any reference to age, gender, and nationality, number of children or relationship status. Again, this is not social media.
  3. Your address. It used to be important, now it is virtually redundant information.
  4. Your hobbies and interests. This is not relevant to your career profile.
  5. Details of work experience and duties beyond 10 years. This type of information may be relevant to the job, however it just needs to be summarised under a heading of “Earlier Experience”
  6. Your high school education, particularly if you are aged over 22.
  7. References. This can cause confidentiality issues. If you are invited to an interview, provide referee details then.
  8. Writing sentences in first person. “I am a highly motivated and experienced receptionist”. Resumés are not written in first person or even third person, we use neutral language.  Considering changing this to “A highly…”
  9. Using the title of RESUME FOR AMANDA SMITH on the top of the first page. Everyone knows it is a resumé, so you do not need to give it a title or sub heading.
  10. Jargon, abbreviations or language that is not easily understood by someone in another industry. This can include computer systems or policies, legislation and standards.

Finally, tip 11 – proof read and remove any spelling, punctuation and grammar mistakes. A resumé must be 100% word perfect in structure and spelling.

If you need further assistance with resumé writing services, contact me for further information.  The following link is also reputable and can give you more insights!

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