Get stuff done with three rules

Are you struggling to get stuff done around your home?  Don’t seem to have the time? Are you maybe procrastinating just a little bit?  Well I hear you loud and clear.  Finding inspiration is easy – then it’s a matter of taking action. I bet you have a hundred things on your to-do-list, and if you are a highly organised person doing small projects is a breeze.  Perhaps its sorting your wardrobe, reorganising the pantry, weeding the garden, crafting, painting, redecorating, fixing the leaky taps or writing some emails.  Whatever you need to do – please don’t let self-sabotage get in the way! These three rules and tips below can give you head start.

Of course, life gets in the way and other things eventuate which can derail or delay everything else you had planned.  And that’s OK, life is full of surprises.  The trick is to not to keep playing catch up and don’t keep putting things off until the last second.  Follow these easy steps and you will be on the way to success in no time.

Clear your doubts – if you can see, feel it, taste it and know it then you are the one to make it happen. Sure, you may need collaborators to help you at some point, however you are enough.  If you want to give your love and energy to a project, then you are that person!

Clear your beliefs – Decide what you wish to perpetuate and model to your kids, family and community.  You hold the power to clear your illusions or misconceptions about what is stopping you from achieving a good outcome.

Clear you space – This means clearing your desk and then clearing the floor. If you just move stuff from one space to another does the help you succeed? For clarity of consciousness, energy, mind and body, declutter your home environment and live in an area where you feel fantastic!

Clear your time – Time to be a realist and cut out the BS. This is a first world society, and everyone has time. We do not need to work from dusk to dawn unless we truly choose to. Our society has more leisure and balance than ever before.  You have the ability and resources to schedule time to do something you want to achieve. Even if it’s one hour or two hours.  Block it out and make no excuses.  Then you can reward yourself and relax!

In closing, another great tip is use the JUST 3 RULE: 

  • Write a list of up to 10 ITEMS that you need to complete at work or in your life.
  • Of that list – CHOOSE 3 THINGS you would be disappointed NOT TO ACHIEVE that day. For example, “If I did not complete these items below, I would feel disappointed and annoyed”
  • For that day, stay focussed and only target the 3 THINGS on your list.
  • By getting three things completed instead of 10 things half-done, you will be ready for new opportunities that come your way.
  • You are guaranteed to get more done and you will feel have a sense of accomplishment.

May you be productive, clear headed and positive in getting your stuff done! Go for it.