Employment Skills Shortage

It’s true, there are certainly some jobs that have a current shortage of skills, and they change every year.  It is also a concern as these occupations are vital to our service industries such as construction, lifestyle, animals, health and food.

The Department of Employment, Skills, Small and Family Business conducts six-monthly research to identify skill shortages in the Australian labour market. The following summarises several occupational groups that are currently undergoing a skills shortage.  These groups are either hard to recruit or there are insufficient qualified candidates to fill vacancies.  Furthermore, this can sometimes lead to companies recruiting employees from overseas.

In Queensland:

• Air-conditioning & Refrigeration Mechanics

• Bricklayers

• Enrolled Nurses

• Electrical Engineers

• Hospital/Retail Pharmacist (Regional)

• Midwife

• Metal Machinist

• Physiotherapist

• Plumbers

• Sonographer

The skills shortage ratings reflect employer difficulties when they are recruiting for workers with at least three years or more experience in the relevant occupation.  Shortages may also exist in occupations which have relatively high rates of unemployment.  However, this does not mean that an individual will necessarily gain employment in that occupation as labour markets can change quickly and vary by location.

For example, in South Australia and Western Australia, there are skills shortages with Surveyors, Child Care Centre Managers, Diesel Motor Mechanics and Medical Radiographers.  In New South Wales, they are experiencing problems when recruiting Chefs, Carpenters and Electrical Engineers, amongst others.  In fact, there are multiple occupational groups suffering from a lack of professional skills. 

Nationwide in Australia:

This group highlights a mix of trades and professional careers, each needing a qualification.  These will continue to rise and the demand for employees will only lower if individuals decided to study, take an apprenticeship or retrain.  There is no age limit for some of these occupations, so if you have a passion for one of these areas, consider how you can make a difference!

• Audiologists

• Bakers/Pastry Cooks

• Cabinetmakers

• Electricians


Panel Beaters/Vehicle Painters


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