New Year, New Beginnings!

As we rocket into January 2017, I do hope you had a relaxing and invigorating festive season! Did you reflect on the past year? Did you give yourself permission to have some quality “me” time? Starting a new year is often exciting, energetic and wonderful. Then as February approaches, your mind wanders to work, study, children, finances and all the other mundane things in life!

So what are your career goals? Do you practice regular goal setting? Here are some of my tips to get you motivation levels up over the next few weeks.

  • Dare to dream: Identify personal career elements, reasons for change and desires; if you cannot please yourself, no‐one else will!
  • Set SMART goals: Be specific with you short and long term aspirations, you may have one or two goals for 2017, and that is perfectly OK
  • Make it real: Develop a clear career statement with what you want and need because you are the number one priority. For example, do you want a promotion, new skills or a better job?
  • Explore and investigate: Once you have a clear goal, find out more information through research and follow up on opportunities. Do you need to look at the current job market and do you need to connect more with or improve your network?
  • Reality check: Audit your transferable skills, know your strengths, motivated skills and identify any knowledge gaps. Are you ready to start your goal?
  • Plan: Outline your strategy and list out what needs to be done and by when and describe your relevant responsibilities. Maybe you need assistance from someone else.
  • Action: Take the necessary steps, be focused and learn from the journey. Be committed to your goal and avoid procrastinating!
  • Persevere: Deal with setbacks and barriers, as they are a normal part of the process. If you are actively pursuing a new job, rejections form resilience and you can learn from feedback
  • Maintain motivation: Be kind to yourself and reward yourself for each small step forward. A goal is a dream with legs, so make it walk.
  • Celebrate: When you achieve you goals or land that new role, celebrate in style and remember to thank the people who have helped you along the way.

May the year ahead be filled with joy, success and prosperity! Reach out for assistance if you need it as having an independent advisor and coach can push you in the right direction.