Resumé News Alert!

Hot off the press! As a Career Coach, I have just been received a specialty resumé writing credential. I was awarded an international designation as a Certified Resume Specialist (CRS) for Administrative professions.

Evaluated and awarded by the Career Directors International (CDI) Board of Certification, my work has demonstrated an exceptional grasp of this industry sector including appropriate key words and competencies, position responsibilities and challenges, and effective resumé styles. This is also my second international certification as I obtained my Australian Public Sector award in 2016 and again this year.

CDI President, Laura DeCarlo, states that, “When selecting a resumé writer, a job seeker should always look for an individual who is certified and who has experience working with job seekers in their industry. Selecting a skilled professional with a CRS designation for your industry is the natural choice to confidently put your career in the hands of a qualified expert who has made the effort to specialize.”

For the past six years I have offered expert resumé writing and career coaching services from graduates to executive clientele across Australia. I am here to unearth happiness an empower clients who wish to transition either within their existing career field or to another industry. I have assisted over 200 clients through resumé or application writing and career coaching, so they head confidently towards their goals.

I love all things about resumé writing, LinkedIn profiles and working with a range of clients aged between 30 – 50. If you are seeking a reliable, affordable and friendly coach who has two international resumé certifications, then contact me now for more information.