When I first began studying life coaching four years ago, the student cohort was introduced to the concept of “core values”. I had no idea its meaning or intent and shortly understanding the concept, conducted a self-awareness exercise to discover my core values.

Values are personal and drive your beliefs, attitude and ultimately your behaviour. Values are the founding principles of how you live your life, and this includes your career. As individuals, we decide on our own values and usually gravitate towards people and organisations with values similar to our own.

In contrast, we can be either intrigued or horrified by people who hold values that are in complete contrast to our way of living. Like still attracts like.

Understanding your core values is the first step I use with clients. It was the first practical exercise I completed prior to establishing my business.

I live by my values every day. Do you know your core values?

Values form the framework we use for making decisions and they are the driving force behind our work and our passions. Bringing your values to your conscious mind will help shape your actions, your goals and your way of life. The values discovery exercise is a powerful tool, to help you get “in touch” with who you are!

If you need to understand your core values, contact me for more options and information.