Terms & Conditions

Client Terms and Conditions for Services and Payment


To outline the terms, conditions and payments for clients who receive a service from Life Path Career Coaching.


a. This procedure applies to all employees of the business.
b. This procedure applies to all clients of the business.
c. This procedure describes the business’s objectives regarding payment for services from clients.


• Coaching services and packages must be paid up-front and at time of client confirmation.
• Resume and written application services must be paid up-front at time of sale and client confirmation.
• All payments must be made out to Life Path Career Coaching by PayPal, cash or bank debit.
• Any service will not be provided to clients until payments from client have been cleared through merchant banking, PayPal or transfers.
• There will be no credit invoice issued to clients.


• The client calls the coach at the agreed time and date.
• The client agrees to have their name, email address and phone number appear in a coaching log for credentialing purposes. This log will only be used as evidence of coaching hours with the International Coaching Federation and Career Development Association of Australia.
• Confidentiality clauses and agreements must be agreed to, signed and sent by the client within 24 hours of the client confirmation appointment.
• Timing and scheduling, such as when a client is late, the appointment will finish at the scheduled time.
• Termination or discontinuation of a coaching relationship must be agreed to by both parties and can be made at any time.
• The client must provide a minimum of 24 hours’ notice to cancel or reschedule a coaching session.
• The client agrees to take full responsibility for the outcome of all coaching sessions and written work.
• The client agrees that they are the expert and authority in their own life and agrees to take full responsibility for all their actions in relation to coaching.
• The client agrees that the nature of coaching is not therapeutic, does not include therapy for addition, depression or any other psychiatric condition that requires medical or therapeutic treatment.
• The client agrees not to hold Julie Street and Life Path Career Coaching responsible in any way for his/her experiences or results from coaching or written work.


• If the receives any written work that contained grammatical errors or misrepresented information within 48 hours, all work will be reviewed in consultation with the client. Guarantee clause for resumes and application returns.
• All resumes and written application work will be returned to the client via e-mail in word and PDF version within the agreed timeframe (up to 7 working days) of client confirmation and upon receipt of payment.
• All resumes and written application work will be returned to the client once payment has been received by PayPal, cash or bank transfer.
• If payment has not been made by the invoice date, the client will not receive the resume and/or written applications.


• Clients must provide voluntary consent using client confidentiality forms.
• Clients have the right to confidential communication and access to their own career development information.
• All transaction details from clients will be destroyed once services have been completed and will not be used for any other use.
• All client information, coaching sessions and documentation is always secured and kept confidential.