As an older adult having completed my nursing studies, the prospect of finding a job was extremely daunting. Seeking help with my resume and cover letter from Julie gave me confidence. Now after a few months, I am happily employed! Because of Julie’s natural life coaching skills, I gained more insights about strengths including persistence and belief. Thank you, Julie, for your knowledge and support, you made all the difference in the world.
Elizabeth.L, Brisbane, QLD
I loved working with Julie. She helped me to understand my strengths and values and how important it is to match with my career development. She had great tools to help me identify my goals and take steps to develop parallel careers. I really felt that Julie understood my situation and she supported me during my career transition. Thank you Julie, I am really grateful and I look forward to working with you again.
Irina.D, Brisbane, QLD
Working with Julie has been an eye opening and positive experience. I was desperately in need of a refreshed CV and Julie helped me understand myself more and given me the confidence to move forward in my job search. Overall, I am glad Julie was recommended to me and I have no hesitation in recommending her services to others. Thank you Julie!
Joanna, Brisbane, QLD
Initially this was a daunting process for me, yet after one session, Julie had me feeling at ease and motivated by the journey I was embarking on. Each coaching session was enlightening, leaving me feeling energised for the next step and proud of what I had achieved so far. Thank you Julie!
Kellie, Brisbane, QLD
I was extremely fortunate to have four sessions with Julie in the “Professional Career Package”. In short I feel like I am back on track. Julie helped me work through personal stumbling blocks and I have strategies to deal with these. Best of all I found my brand! Working with Julie was hugely rewarding and fun. I now have the “pep” back in my step and I am in control of my future. I cannot recommend Julie enough. Just do it!
Jane, Brisbane, QLD
I was super impressed with the resume Julie compiled for me. I didn’t know where to start as my resume was very outdated. Julie took the stress out of this for me. She was very clear in her communications while compiling my resume. This gave me time to then concentrate on finding the right job for me. I would highly recommend Julie and her amazing resume writing skills. Thank you!
Wanita, Brisbane, QLD
After 20 years working for the same company, I made the choice to leave and try something different. The job market was a very different beast and I had no idea where to start. After calling a few different career coaches I decided on Julie mainly due to how easy she was to talk to over the phone. My sessions were eye opening and I discovered quite a lot about myself and the type of employment I should be perusing. Julie was very professional but also fun and made each session enjoyable. She went above and beyond what I was expecting and I cannot recommend her and Life Path Coaching enough.
Sandra, Brisbane, QLD
Sincere thanks for your coaching around my latest career move. Whilst I was aware it was time for a career change, it was a hard process to contemplate after many years in the “career wilderness”. Professional assistance was going to be required to make it happen. It’s fair to acknowledge I had some concern over finding just the right coach– someone who would understand me and my unique background, and then be able to direct me, meaningfully, to a transition. From our first conversation it was clear the fit with Julie was a good one. We had good rapport from the start, and every step of the process made sense and added worth. Your gentle and professional guidance put me in exactly the right position. Equipped with a great sense of positivity, I look forward to my new role!
Kellie, Brisbane, QLD
Hiring Julie as my coach was money well spent on a high quality product. She guided and encouraged me with positive and uplifting energy, valuable insights and a high level of professionalism in a warm, friendly manner. Julie gave me tools to navigate a professionally and personally uncertain period of transition in my life, helping me to move from confusion towards greater clarity, insecurity to confidence in my ability to handle life’s challenges and always have hope. I now feel as though I’m moving towards an increasingly more rewarding life.
Andy, Camp Hill, QLD
Julie is a great communicator and a consummate professional. Julie has a wonderful ability to elicit values, strengths and goals then use these to guide every session, drive the job search process, and develop a greater sense of direction and purpose. I began the coaching journey with Julie unable to get the interview stage, unaware and unconfident of selling myself to prospective employers. Now, at the end of my short journey with Julie, I’ve had three interviews that went very well and feel very confident that the offers will start rolling in. Thanks Julie!
Adam L, Brisbane
I found Julie to be very communicative through the whole process. I appreciated Julie’s knowledge and patience; she was able to answer all the questions I had. Transitioning into a new field is stressful after many years and I was really glad to have Julie’s professional assistance and expertise. My new resume and LinkedIn profile look professional and focused on what I want to achieve.”
N.R Brisbane, QLD
I didn’t know much about life and career coaching before starting with Julie so I went into the process a little unsure and curious. I can safely say that after going through 7sessions over the past 2 months, I am very glad I did. Julie is a very cheerful and dedicated coach, when I came to her about career coaching, she helped me better understand my goals, motivation and career values, more importantly, she helped me to identify my personality type in an incredible accurate way, and I was able to map it out with my life purpose and career value. Julie will do what it takes to make sure that I am successful in understanding my goals and by following a highly detailed action plan to execute them.
Desiree, New Farm, QLD
Thank you Julie for your time as a coach and for your fantastic insight into turning a negative situation and turning it into a positive action.The two best things I have taken away from our sessions is let the negative things go, they are not worth wasting your time on and actioning the things that made me happy. Success is the only way forward.
Doug, Moorooka, QLD
Having Julie as a coach has been a wonderful experience that helped me a lot to increase my confidence, unravel my priorities, give me ideas about the resources that I can use to reach my goals, being clear about how to respond to interviewers and know how to sell myself professionally. Julie is a great professional and I definitely recommend her.
Liesel, Brisbane, QLD
Your resumes and cover letters are amazing! For me to have received full-time teaching work off a cold-calling resume is more than I could have ever imagined. In fact, I have received multiple job offers for contract and casual work. I recommend Julie to anyone who is looking to secure their dream job! The process is easy, saves time, and so professional. In saying that, it was very personalised resume and cover letter. Thank you Julie!
Tina, Brisbane, QLD
I contacted Julie when my acting position was recently advertised as I was very nervous about the application requirements. Julie was fantastic, always very quick to respond and her helpful attitude put my mind at ease. My new resume also looks professional and my final application was informative and easy to read, despite the technical nature. Julie’s extensive knowledge, interview coaching and advice were a great help to me in securing the position on a permanent basis. Thanks Julie!
Elliott, Brisbane, QLD
Coaching came into my life when I was experiencing great change and uncertainty in my job. Julie was able to help me refocus my goals, challenge some old beliefs and enable me to view negative situations as opportunities for me to grow and learn. I would highly recommend coaching for anyone who wants that extra push in life in order to tap into their unique skills to reach their full potential.
Anna, Durack, QLD
There is nothing that I cannot handle – working with Julie has given me that confidence. Julie joined my leap of faith and encouraged me to think bigger and achieve more that I thought was ever possible. The impact and on-going benefits I have achieved from working with Julie over such a short period of time I am able to carry with me and use every day, no matter what the scenario. I confidently and whole-heartedly recommend working with Julie for anyone looking to unlock their own limitless potential.
Laura, Ascot, QLD
I would recommend Julie to everyone looking for a life coach.
John, Newcastle, NSW
Julie was instrumental in guiding me to a change in my career path. Julie utilised her extensive knowledge, skills and professional insight to enable me to gain employment in a new industry. Julie is a great coach as she provided key interview tips, polished my resume and assisted me with job applications. I would recommend Julie as a capable life path career coach.
Lyn, Brisbane, QLD
Julie has provided me with exceptional customer service in terms of assisting me with my job application for a government department. I was very impressed with her professionalism and would highly recommend her to provide this service to other job seekers looking to get that extra edge!
Chatali, Brisbane, QLD
After unsuccessfully applying for advertised jobs and through sheer frustration of non-person contact, I recently attended the Reinvent Your Career Expo weekend in March. It was during this time that I encountered the wonderful work and life path career coaching skills of Julie Street.
Julie is one of the most positive people I have ever met! Her positive energy is what embraces you, encouraging you to power ahead until you achieve success. She has the ability of turning a negative into a positive and providing a solution. In my instance, Julie provided the essential career advice I needed in alleviating my fears for a recent job interview I was attending and offered the positive support I required.
Christine, Brisbane, QLD
Julie has helped me greatly in this time of change. She has provided me with the tools to move forward in my career and be confident in my abilities and passion. I have now developed clearer career goals which is helping me find a new role. It can be overwhelming when applying for heaps of jobs, but when you have more direction you develop more confidence. Julie has helped me achieve this and I know my dream job is just around the corner!
Anna, Sunnybank Hills, QLD
I had to attend a difficult job interview, but before then, I sought the assistance of Julie. The interview went well due to the techniques Julie had shown me. I received in large, the main questions that Julie thought I would be asked at the interview. I was prepared for the interview which is why I intitally sought Julie’s services. Besides being an expert in her field and professional with advice and in coaching, Julie is a lovely lady. Nothing is too much trouble for her and I will definitely be seeking out Julie for future projects and recommending her work to family and friends.
John, Fortitude Valley, QLD
Julie has given me new hope and direction of how I would like to live my life, while also achieving success. Julie has opened my mind to new possibilities, of helping me overcome my fears and doubts about my career.
Ross, Virgina, QLD